Fully Automatic Shoe Washing Machine


Fully Automatic Shoe Washing Machine


Special Notes

  1. 3 In one Washer-Extractor and Dryer is available from 15 kg to 35 kg capacity.
  2. Fully Automatic Shoe Washing Machine can do max 4 Pairs in 1 Cycle.
  3. Shoe Drying Machine, Models available from 4 Pairs to 15 Pair.
  4. Semi Automatic Washing Machine can wash 15 Pairs in 1 Hour.


  1. The machine is suitable for cleaning of cloth shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes and other footwear.
  2. The Machine applies to all Kinds of footwear drying effectively avoid yellowing, fading, hardening.
  3. Digital control system,easy to program time; adjusted accoding to different footwear strong decontamination, disinfection function effectively avoids footwear yellowing in the cleaning process.
  4. Open plastic deformation, along with the sterilization function effectively remove shoes door, kill bacteria in shoes, so as to achieve a high degree of cleaning.


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