Cutting Machine


Band Knife Cutting Machine


  1. Air flowing table facilitates easy movement of fabric

  2. Equipped with knife sharpening device

  3. Cutting height is adjustable up & down easily

  4. Just space work at affordable prices

  5. The Knife can be easily removed and installed by the operator easily 

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QP-1 chopping device is special equipment that is used for cutting piping trim in the field of garments. It is mainly used in series of BK/DC band knife cutting machine to cut the knitted fabric of wound roll (internal non-paper-core or using special core to coil with) transversely. Thus, it forms piping trim. QP-1 chopping device can be installed in series of BK/DC band knife cutting machine through guiding, simply and conveniently, and does not need to change the measure. This device has a locator, which can cut piping trim width that you need. And it is accurate to millimetre.






Electric Hitting Cloth Drilling Machine













Straight Knife Machine















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Round Knife Cutter & WD-2