About Us


AHPL Hotels is an assortment of hotels established by Mr. Mukesh. We like to treat and care for visitors as though we were inviting them back home. We additionally bolster and decidedly support each other with the goal that our hotel groups around the world make the most of their work in a propelled at this point energetically lively design. As a hotel business, we center around giving genuine, careful help. We consider ourselves to be driving specialists in the realm of friendliness, esteeming credibility, enthusiasm, accuracy and comprehension in everything we do. Every hotel we have made, in the absolute most energizing spots in India, is an accolade for nearby engineering and social customs. All AHPL hotels highlight broad relaxation and business explorer offices and are eminent for their remarkable characters.


Our mission is to provide world class experience to our guests by providing them luxury in our hotels.


What we think as a hospitality service provider is that we just want to set an example in hotel industry so that others can copy that and give the visitors the best experience. With every stay we would not just allocate the rooms but we allocate the luxury and comfort to our visitors.